NOC编码 中文名称 英文名称
NOC12113 统计官员和相关研究支持职业 Statistical officers and related research support occupations
NOC12112 记录管理技术员 Records management technicians
NOC12111 医疗保健管理人员 Health information management occupations
NOC12110 法庭记者、医疗记录员和相关职业 Court reporters, medical transcriptionists and related occupations
NOC12104 就业保险和税务官员 Employment insurance and revenue officers
NOC12103 会议和活动策划者 Conference and event planners
NOC12102 采购代理人和职员 Procurement and purchasing agents and officers
NOC12101 人力资源和招聘官员 Human resources and recruitment officers
NOC12100 行政助理 Executive assistants
NOC12013 主管,供应链,跟踪和调度协调职业 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling coordination occupations
NOC12012 主管、图书馆、通信及相关信息工作者 Supervisors, library, correspondence and related information workers
NOC12011 主管、金融保险公司职员 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers
NOC12010 主管、办公室和行政支持人员 Supervisors, general office and administrative support workers
NOC11202 广告、市场营销和公共关系专员 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
NOC11201 企业管理咨询专员 Professional occupations in business management consulting
NOC11200 人力资源专员 Human resources professionals
NOC11109 其他财务人员 Other financial officers
NOC11103 证券代理人、投资交易商和经纪人 Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers
NOC11102 财务顾问 Financial advisors
NOC11100 财务审计师和会计师 Financial auditors and accountants
NOC10030 电信运营商经理 Telecommunication carriers managers
NOC10029 其他商业服务经理 Other business services managers
NOC10022 广告、营销和公共关系经理 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
NOC10021 银行、信贷和其他投资经理 Banking, credit and other investment managers
NOC10020 保险、房地产和金融经纪经理 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
NOC10019 其他行政服务经理 Other administrative services managers
NOC10012 采购经理 Purchasing managers
NOC10011 人力资源经理 Human resources managers
NOC10010 财务经理 Financial managers
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